Some recurring themes in my content will include, but is not limited to:

  • Personal Care processes, routines and practices
  • Yoga, Movement, Spiritual and Physical Care processes, routines and practices
  • Plant Medicine Making, Apothecary and Gardening  processes, routines and practices
  • Tips, Tools and Strategies that keep my creative process in motion.
  • Artist, Institutions and Exhibitions that are inspiring my work.
  • Reference Material, Literature and Content that influences my work(s).
  • Archival Material, Works In Progress and Concept materials from my work.



Why does your patronage matter?

Historically, patronage in the arts was only for those reserved who persons of power and privilege who typically used art as a tool to spread and maintain political, religious and social control. But now because of platforms like Patreon that power is the hands of people like you, who can now fund the next creative revolution from the palm of your hand!

Your patronage will:

  1. Give you the opportunity to pour back into me as you feel I have poured into you! Exchange is so important in the balance of everything that surrounds us. If I have provided you anything of value, even a temporary moment of entertainment, I ask that you consider honoring that exchange with a financial contribution.
  2. Fund my communal and philanthropic efforts! Intention is everything, especially when extending a helping hand. But as we know, this work can not happen with just intention alone. One of the largest barriers to social change is access to capital. Your patronage will provide much needed assistance in overcoming this hurdle.
  3. Expand my capacity for the research and development of my creative practice(s)! Your generous patronage grants me the opportunity to prioritize learning, ideation and development of new work in my time, but also much needed rest. 
  4. Provide economic opportunity for my manufacturing and fabricating partners! It takes a village! The impact of my output is greatly magnified by the contributions of my local and national manufacturing, fabrication and wholesale partners, all of which provide economic opportunity for their employees and their communities.
  5. Supply capital to fund short and extended term physical space for my practice(s)! Safe and equitable physical space for creation is a huge part of my practice and the hosting of our communal and peer supporting work. Even the lowest tier contributes towards this large task greatly.