ACTIVATED: National Bohemian



On October 5th, 2019 Brian Seymore Supply Group now Suryah Studio partnered with National Bohemian and FRSBMore to produce an intimate and interactive experience that celebrated the legacy of National Bohemian in the lives of Baltimore natives. This capped off a successful introduction of National Bohemian’s most recent release of their long awaited “Day Beer”.



Since the launch of “The Combine”, a regional brand program that provided a global platform to 23 brands from Baltimore through FRSBmore (conceptualized by Creative Director Brian Seymore and Founder Harrison Davis), National Bohemian has been a progressive presence in-store as a complementary consumer enrichment item and beloved partner to all age appropriate community programming done in partnership with regional brands featured in FRSBmore.

Brian Seymore Supply Group - ACTIVATED: National Bohemian


It is this commitment to community and culture that is highlighted the first installment of “ACTIVATED:”. A rotating branding partnership to enact intermediate marketing strategies on a creative platform and engage audiences in more personal and transformative ways. “ACTIVATED:” is a seamless connector that uses intimate and immersive experiences to activate consumers and the spaces they already exist in.


Brian Seymore Supply Group - ACTIVATED: National Bohemian


Through its six years of business FRSBMore has been the center of cultural change and a safe space to those challenging the status quo. This boutique welcomes all to step through its doors and experience a sense of togetherness and community in a way that is not found in other spaces. We invite the community in with plenty of seating,  a variety of beverages and engaging conversation - this retail store wears many hats for those in Baltimore’s historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood. 

Brian Seymore Supply Group - ACTIVATED: National Bohemian

As an agency, Brian Seymore Supply Group understands the importance of actually listening to multicultural audiences in an age where marketing ploys ignore socio-economic disparities, avoid cultural nuances and produce tone deaf content to it’s audience. With this installment of “ACTIVATED:”, the goal was to accentuate  the important work done by these two incredible brands and further instigate the growth and inclusivity of Baltimore’s creative community. Brian Seymore Supply Group facilitated a creative lab within FRSBmore that gave community members and creators a space to communicate National Bohemian’s place in their lives and its ever growing legacy through collage making activities using branding assets from National Bohemian, Brian Seymore Supply Group and popular culture print media.


A meaningful brand identity and impactful experiences push consumers into long lasting relationships with companies and the products and services they offer. National Bohemian has been a staple in the lives of Baltimore residents since 1885 for this reason. These relationships do not necessarily begin/end with a purchase. Strategic marketing experiences, like “ACTIVATED:”, bring the company to life! It manifests trust, provides enrichment and ensures a quality output. Consumers today are begging for brands to make active efforts to better understand them and the exterior factors that drive their everyday.  Establish these relationships with them soon to guarantee your business’s long-term success.