Farfetch: “Three Ways To Style It” Campaign with Devin Allen

Farfetch: “Three Ways To Style It” Campaign with Devin Allen

Brian Seymore Supply Group - Farfetch: "Three Ways To Style It"

Farfetch is a global technology platform that connects creators, curators and consumers with the love of luxury fashion. This past September, Brian Seymore Supply Group now Suryah Studio had the pleasure of working with Farfetch on their “Three Ways to Wear It” campaign alongside American photographer, author and quintessential “denim warrior”, Devin Allen. This opportunity was to showcase one’s personal style through the power of interpretation. 


For this shoot, our vision for Allen was to get out of his comfort zone and distinctly contrast this outfit to his typical earth-toned knitwear and denim suit. We wanted to be playful and whimsical but also explore nostalgia, so we opted for a more daring avant-garde styling with a touch of post-modernistic flair.


Below is an excerpt from Farfetch, where Allen describes himself through fashion and how that connects to products we choose to showcase from FarFetch:


‘I’m very simple and laid-back with how I dress. My days can be very chaotic because I’m an artist – I could be taking pictures, then I could go paint and then I might go to the club. That means I need something I can wear all day, and something that still looks cool if I get paint on it. Here in Baltimore, there’s a big street-style scene: there’s a lot of denim and Converse. That’s probably why I like these Golf Le Fleur sneakers. I’m a big beige and tan guy, so they go with everything. Plus Tyler, The Creator is one of my favourite artists. I also love that they’re perfect for fall and the thickness of the sole means they’re super comfortable. This is definitely my go-to city shoe now.’ In shot: Devin wears sneakers by Golf Le Fleur x Converse.”


Devin Allen (@bydvnlln) for Farfetch.com


Juxtaposed on a brutalist landscape surrounded by pre-civil war era architecture in downtown Baltimore City - in this seeming unforgiving neutrality, Allen shines as a sign of warmth and life. The presence and color provided humanity in this particular landscape and embodied the symbolism of “a rose growing from the concrete”. A theme frequently portrayed in his black and white portraits of his fellow contemporaries and community members here in Baltimore City. Allowing the artist who champions the life and presence of his people to document his own story through the lens, as well.


Brian Seymore Supply Group - Farfetch: "Three Ways To Style It"


Allen was artfully photographed and co-directed by American photographer, DJ and cultural curator, Aaron Brown. Brown’s body of work encapsulates the feeling of the best memories you would have of your most beloved hometown friend. He brought a sense of familiarity and intimacy to Allen’s daring look. Allowing the lens to capture moments that further intensify the symbolism this trio intended to accomplish. 


Footwear courtesy of Farfetch. 


Shirt and pants created by Control Sector in Brooklyn, New York. 


Thank you for wardrobe provided by Harrison Davis of FRSBmore.