G.R.O.W. at good neighbor April 2023 with Brian Suryah: Rest & Recovery

April 2nd, 2023, GrowCery Garden had the pleasure of hosting guest facilitator, Shaman, and multidisciplinary artist Brian Suryah. Founder of "Numba 14 Gallery", an imprint of Suryah Studios.

During this session, we discussed: principles of rest and recovery, the benefit of implementing "One Task at a Time" strategies found in GrowCery Garden's "Grow Beyond Creative Barriers G.R.O.W. Guide", and even herbal tea recipes that complement one's practice of rest and recovery!

Community participants also shared personal testimonies of GrowCery Garden's "Grow Beyond Creative Barriers G.R.O.W. Guide" effectiveness for completing their own tasks during a post-session Q&A.

Visit https://suryahstudio.com or https://patreon.com/suryahstudio to learn more about their practice!

"Grow Beyond Creative Barriers G.R.O.W. Guide": https://www.growcerygarden.org/growgu...


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Music provided by: https://share.epidemicsound.com/xnu5m8

Produced & Edited by: Fabian Bell

Directed by: Valenciá De-Lá Clay-Bell