G.R.O.W. Day Panel: Brainstorming on New Ideas moderated by Alysha Suryah



April 30th, 2023 GrowCery Garden had the pleasure of hosting our Q1 Guest Facilitators & GrowCery Garden's own Planning Committee via Riverside.FM as an end-of-the-quarter community reflective practice and Q&A.
During this session, we discussed: the perception of failure, how to overcome mindset challenges associated with failure, what to say to yourself in order to will to power a perspective of abundance, and gave tips on how to function creatively.
Guest facilitators also shared tips on how to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.
Alysha Suryah - Director of Engagement
Jamela Joseph - Productivity Session Facilitator
Cieara Davis - Productivity Session Facilitator / Independent Content Creator
Brian Suryah - Programs Director / Host of Read & Refocus Sessions
Lauren DiMartino - Director of People Operations
Dexter Ferguson - User Experience Developer
Ajee' Hassan - Chief Liaison
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Produced & Edited by: Fabian Bell
Directed by: Valenciá De-Lá Clay-Bell