"So Much More" Virtual Exhibition

"This body of work is my literal journey of defining what having, achieving or receiving “so much more” looks like in my life. Which at times can feels as large of a task as trying to reach the sun. This work, this medium and this concept of a completely virtual digital first exhibition isn’t something I was particularly interested or dedicated too but it feels like the correct way to go as of right now.

 The more in “So Much More” really emphasizes the much as greater than the standard sum. It’s the effort and intention that pushes us..or me at least. In the context of this exhibition “So Much More” is a genesis moment for me. This new work and this new way of working is something I needed to survive. For so long my perspective on my practice hindered a lot of my work and life. I couldn’t create a sustainable relationship with my work or my way of working because I put so many limits on the work I made and how I made it. I needed to accept that I deserved more and that I could be more be. But what does more look like? In a figurative way to me it looks like the sun. Through this journey I would always think jokingly “you can’t aim higher than the sun, so why don’t I start there”.

- Brian Suryah

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Numba 14 Gallery is an e-commerce based art gallery hosting the original fine art works of Brian Suryah and works curated by and in collaboration with Suryah Studio

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